Will the “Lamar” tax become the “Chuck” tax?

fairnessThe call for smaller government and lower taxes was dealt a serious setback this week, thanks to Senator Lamar Alexander (and Senator Bob Corker) who voted for the so called “Marketplace Fairness Act”.  This “Lamar” tax is expected to impose more than $11 billion in new taxes annually on the millions of Americans who choose to purchase products via the Internet.

Ironically, the same day Senator Alexander voted for this new tax, he called for a repeal of Obamacare related taxes. (1)

What hypocrisy!  He condemns an “Obama” tax but votes for the “Lamar” tax!

The real question now though is whether the “Lamar” tax will become the “Chuck” tax as well?

Will Congressman Chuck Fleischmann follow the lead of his Tennessee Senators and vote to increase taxes, or will he stand firm for the conservative values of low taxes and limited government when the Marketplace Fairness Act makes it to the House?

According to an article in the Times Free Press this week, Chuck “finds himself weighing arguments on both sides.” (2)

While it’s often prudent to study and understand all sides of an issue, I would contend that one’s core beliefs should quickly identify those issues which violate one’s worldview.  In this case, if Chuck is a solid conservative, his core values should quickly reveal to him that the “Marketplace Fairness Act” is nothing more than a progressive dream to burden the American taxpayer with more than $11 billion in new taxes annually.

So, will Chuck step up and reject the “Lamar” tax, or will he endorse a new “Chuck” tax and be a party to bigger government and higher taxes?

Only time will tell.  But until Chuck decides which side of this issue he is on, the best thing YOU can do is tell him to reject the “Marketplace Fairness Act”.

Call or email him today at:

Email:  Chuck Fleischmann
Phone:  (202) 225-3494 or (423) 756-2342

If Chuck Fleischmann is not your Congressman, you can find yours here:

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(1)  http://lamaralexander.com/2013/5/jobs-obamacare-tax-and-the-world-s-biggest-fish-fry

(2)  http://www.timesfreepress.com/news/2013/may/06/alexander-out-on-limb-over-internet-sales/