Radical Homosexuals, SunTrust Bank & the Benham Brothers

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 7.54.24 PMThis week SunTrust Bank notified David and Jason Benham that the bank was severing business ties with the brothers following the recent protest by radical homosexual fascists over the brothers’ support of marriage…  as in the union of one man and one woman for life.  Following an uproar from customers though, SunTrust announced it was reversing its decision.

Recall that just a few days ago the Benham brothers were “punished” by HGTV for having the audacity to believe in marriage as between one man and one woman. Their upcoming reality show was cancelled when radical homosexual fascists protested the Benham’s personal and religious belief — a belief that is shared by more than a hundred million Americans and billions around the globe.

The fact that SunTrust even possessed a mindset to initially “punish” the Benham brothers is beyond comprehension and reflects that they do not believe in the America our founding fathers fought and died for, one that recognizes and respects freedom of religion, speech and thought.  If I had an account with SunTrust I would withdraw my funds and sever all ties with the bank.

The fascist agenda of radical homosexuals knows no end.  I’m convinced if they were “king for a day” they would place every Bible believing Christian behind bars… or perhaps take even more drastic action to silence us.

Make no mistake, radical homosexuals do not believe in the same America you and I believe in.  As they continue to infiltrate every corner of our society including government, business, media, education, and even the church with their intolerant hatred and intimidation, things will grow even more difficult and onerous for those of us who simply subscribe to the definition of marriage as referenced below:

1M + 1W for Life  

Recall that the above definition is one that has existed for thousands of years, actually since the beginning of time, and some of the most prominent figures in history have affirmed it including God Himself, Moses and Jesus Christ.  While I would not begin to define America’s current President as a “prominent figure in history” it’s worth mentioning that Barack Obama subscribed to the above definition of marriage until the political winds shifted.  Obama was firm in declaring in 2008 that “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman.”

Of course, we should remember that one of the primary purposes of marriage is to procreate.  So with that in mind, let’s contrast the above definition with the ones below and let’s see which of these defy common sense and even nature itself:

1M + 1M or 
1W + 1W or 
1M + 1M + 1W or
___ + ___ + ___ (fill in the blank)

Enough said!

As we continue to see the kind of abuse and hostility towards Christians that we have seen by A&E, HGTV, SunTrust and so many more organizations, it’s incumbent for Christians to reflect the love of Christ.  But this does not mean we should remain silent.  On the contrary we must speak out in love.  In our representative form of government we have the right and obligation to stand for Truth when it is under attack.  And our Constitution affirms the fact that our unalienable rights, endowed to us by our Creator, include both the freedom of religion and speech.

So now the question is will YOU and I exercise those Freedoms even in the face of growing attack and hostility?

I pray I will.

Will you?