Picking a Fight with Mike Huckabee – Vote for Carr!

Mike-Huckabee-Pick-a-Fight2If you’re a Conservative, Mike Huckabee wants to fight you.

Yep, if you consider yourself a bonafide conservative then tough guy and former Governor Mike Huckabee has challenged you to a duel.  No not literally, at least I don’t think so.  But he did come out this week with a challenge. In what is now becoming a routine intervention every couple years by Mike Huckabee into Tennessee politics, the former Governor turned entertainer has plastered his face and voice across the Tennessee airwaves, supporting life long politician and current US Senator Lamar Alexander.

Specifically, Huckabee is challenging conservatives as follows:

“Oh, and for anyone who wants to pick a fight with Lamar for supposedly not being conservative enough, well you might want to pick a fight with me first.”

As someone who campaigned for Mike Huckabee in 2007-08 in his unsuccessful bid for the Presidency, I can say that the last 7 years have revealed much about Governor Huckabee that I wish I had known at the time.  While Huckabee is certainly a likable and accomplished entertainer, quick on his feet and possesses a great sense of humor, he is no conservative himself.  And so it should come as no surprise that an establishment Republican like Huckabee would come out and support the false notion of another establishment Republican like Lamar that he is a conservative Senator.

Fortunately we have more than Huckabee’s swooning over Lamar to evaluate whether Lamar is a conservative.  You see, the beauty of an incumbent running for reelection is that his track record can be weighed against his rhetoric to determine whether his statements are truthful or not.  And in this case, there is ample evidence to conclude that Lamar Alexander is no conservative.  Don’t take my word for it though.

Heritage Action Scorecard has been referred to as the “conservative scorecard” by the Washington Examiner.  In this year’s evaluation, Senator Alexander scores a 49% with the average Republican score at 66%.  But in the overall Republican ranking, Lamar places at a pitiful 40 out of 46 Republican senators, coming just 6 slots from the bottom of the list for the least conservative Republican member of the Senate… or perhaps we should just say Lamar is the 7th most liberal Republican member of the US Senate.  And Lamar’s lifetime average is only 52%.  (By the way, Bob Corker is one slot lower than Lamar, for what it’s worth.)

So next time you hear Huckabee challenging you to a fight for daring to speak the truth about Lamar, that he is no conservative, you might want to do like I do.  Roll your eyes, shake your head and take a deep breath. Then go out and encourage your friends to join you in voting for the true conservative in the Tennessee Senate race: Joe Carr, the Tennessee farmer, businessman and three term conservative Republican Tennessee state representative.  And in case you missed it, Joe was just endorsed by conservative talk show host, commentator and author Laura Ingraham.

Oh, and one other thing.  When you vote for Joe Carr you better be on the look out for Mike Huckabee ‘cause he’s itching for a fight!