Obama’s Lost Love Letters to Michelle?

As I’ve thought about the many statements Barack Obama has made about America since he was catapulted onto the national stage, the question about whether Obama loves America has never been one with which I have grappled.  Many of us who read about Obama and studied him closely back in his early years of national prominence were frustrated and saddened that the statements he made about our nation, that most of the 330 million Americans love, were never challenged by the majority of the populace, much less the media whose duty it is to examine, dissect and report facts without a political bias or agenda.

It seems now though, following Rudy Giuliani’s recent comments questioning Obama’s love of America, that the media is now eager to cover this story.  Of course it’s again with a political bias and agenda for the sole purpose of playing “gotcha” with would-be Presidential candidates, rather than simply examining the content and context of Obama’s own statements.

But rather than rehash those statements and grapple with whether they reveal a love for America, I thought I’d use the sentiments expressed in those statements in another setting to which we can all relate.  Consider for just a few moments that we were to discover some previously unpublished “love” letters from Obama that expressed to Michelle Obama similar sentiments to those Obama has voiced regarding America.

Put another way, consider for just a few moments if you were to express the sentiments Obama has repeated regularly regarding America to the one person you love the most, say your wife, husband or significant other.  How would they respond to them?  Would they view your statements as an expression of love or criticism and even contempt?

Well let’s try them out and see just how they would come across.  The statements below express the same sentiment Obama has voiced towards America but are simply revised to reflect as between a husband and wife or significant other.

Are these statements you would make about that special person in your life and would she or he interpret them as a message of LOVE from you?  Consider these statements and you be the judge… or maybe we should ask your spouse or significant other to see if they would interpret these statements as reflecting love:

  1. “With our wedding imminent, I am just five days away from fundamentally transforming this woman into the person I’ve always wanted her to be… not the one she is today!”
  2. “Honey, there have been times when you have shown arrogance and been dismissive toward some of my friends, even though they have made it clear that they hate you.”
  3. “Babe, I know there are a lot of my friends that hate you and show actual contempt for you, but the truth is you’ve made a lot of mistakes in your treatment of them and you haven’t been perfect.”
  4. “Sweetheart, I know that you have some issues with the people I defend, and while you’ve attempted to reach out to them, there have been many times when you’ve disengaged and attempted to push your will on them as it relates to our relationship. But going forward I want you to recognize that there is no one that is greater in these relationships for me.  You and they are both equal equal in importance.  I do not see you as possessing a greater role or part in my life.  You don’t have a corner on my affections.”
  5. “Honey, if the occasion should ever arise that some mad, deranged man should try to attack you, molest you, threaten you or even attempt to kill you know this.  I will NOT do everything I can do to defend you.  We must consider the feelings, rights and grievances of the alleged perpetrator.  Who knows what might have prompted him to do this or threaten this against you.  No, I will not resort to any means available to me to protect you.  And if I were to have the ability to question one of the potential murderer’s accomplices, there are limits I would place on myself that would prevent me from protecting you.  Your safety is not more dear to me than the rights and feelings of the murderer’s accomplice and what his buddies might think of me.”
  6. “Babe, it’s well known that your heritage including your parents and grandparents and even further back had some really awful traits.  In fact, it’s well known that your grandfather was a criminal and committed some heinous acts, some of them even directed at my kin folks.  Because of this, you yourself need to recognize that I will have to regularly bring this up to our friends and acquaintances.  Hell, I’ll probably even share it with some of my friends who despise you.  I know you don’t approve of the actions of your ancestors whatsoever but this is the burden you must bear for their sins. You’ll just have to accept this fact.”
  7. “Sweetheart, I’ve noticed that you haven’t done enough to help your neighbors. Even though you’ve been a great example of how to live your life for others, you’ve still not done enough for them.  It’s not enough that you are successful and have shared that success with them.  You must recognize that with that success it’s incumbent on you to share it with your neighbors unconditionally and without regard to their own personal responsibility.  I’m somewhat disappointed that you’ve not accepted this reality.”
  8. “Babe, I just found out that there was a time in your life when you resorted to some fairly extreme acts to save the lives of some of your loved ones.  While their lives were saved, the individuals that you mistreated who sought to kill your loved ones might have been psychologically and physically scarred and even resented your success and lifestyle.  Since I think it was the wrong thing to do on your part I’m going to have to condemn you in front of your friends, neighbors and even those who hate you.  It’s how you’ll learn to not resort to such behavior in the future… even it means your loved ones might die at some future date.”

There are many more statements that I could pursue in presenting this comparison between Obama’s “love” statements about America and his “love” letters to Michelle.  But in my view, these statements begin to establish a trend, a philosophy and ultimately a contempt or at best a lack of respect and love by Barack Hussein Obama for the nation which over 300 million Americans honor, revere and truly love.

Despite these conflicting statements for some reason America is the nation Obama so eagerly sought to lead. Does anyone wonder why?  What was or is his motivation? Would you marry someone you did not love?  Or despised?  Or sought to fundamentally change? If so, one would assume there were an ulterior motive for that union.  Likewise, I would assert it is not unreasonable to conclude the same about Barrack Hussein Obama’s desire to lead this nation… which from his own statements one could reasonably question whether he does in fact love America.

It’s incumbent on leaders to love the ones that they lead.  It’s also incumbent on a leader to be willing to lay down his life for those he loves.  Can someone truly believe that Obama exemplifies that type of leadership?  These questions are fair and reasonable and demand answers from you, from me and from a media who to date has been unwilling to confront the smoking embers!


Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”  Jesus (John 15:13)


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