Faux Republicans: “Let’s Raise Taxes!”

There was a time when the Republican brand could tout that it was the party of low taxes. That day has come and gone though, at least as it relates to Tennessee’s senior Republican Senator, Lamar Alexander, as evidenced by his most recent support for the so called Market Fairness Act. 'insert more tag' Read more [...]

Life, Liberty, And…

This blog, “Life, Liberty and…” is dedicated to the principles and values upon which our great nation was founded. While our Founding Fathers espoused these principles and values, their origin can be traced to ancient documents and ultimately to the Holy Scriptures. Without the values that flow from the Judeo-Christian value systems, it is unlikely that our nation would have ever birthed, much less survived the myriad of threats to which it has been subjected. While many of these values Read more [...]