Leaders Lead on Amendment 1

This week the Hamilton County Commission was faced with what I believe may be one of the most important votes they have cast during their tenure.  Granted, the vote was over a "mere" Resolution that resulted in no overt action or new law in our county.  But there are times when simply speaking Truth and taking a stand on a foundational Principle is paramount and as such required. The Resolution which was voted on this week addressed Amendment 1 to the Tennessee Constitution - an Amendment which Read more [...]

No Equality in Chattanooga’s Sex Ordinance

One of the primary messages that is repeated over and over by Councilman Chris Anderson, Mayor Berke and their supporters is that their "Benefits & Equity Ordinance" is all about equality.  Sounds all fair and good on the surface.  But if one takes just a minute to read the Summary of the Ordinance provided by Mr. Anderson and the Office of the City Attorney, which has also been fully embraced by the Mayor, it's abundantly clear that they never had any intentions of being fair or seeking equity. I Read more [...]

Natural Law and Our US Constitution

In September each year our nation celebrates Constitution Day, an observance that began as a celebration not only of the signing of the US Constitution but also in recognition of each citizen who has been blessed with American citizenship. As we consider this day, what is it that has accounted for the exceptional nature of our nation and why have we as a people been so blessed?  I would contend that a primary reason was our Founding Fathers’ belief in natural law - those moral truths applying Read more [...]

Zach Wamp: The Evolving of Same-Sex Marriage

According to former Congressman Zach Wamp in an article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press on July 2nd, "...same-sex marriage has evolved..." I could not disagree more with that statement. In the article Wamp asserts that his new position on one of our culture’s most divisive issues is that marriage should be defined at the state level. Under Zach’s theory we should now take marriage, the building block of society, and sling it to the far corners of the nation for potentially 50 varying Read more [...]

Plan B: How the Courts & Obama Molest Young Girls

Last month both morality and parental rights faced another head-on assault by two of our three branches of government. First, Federal Judge Edward Korman ruled that young girls of any age should be given the sole and unsupervised ability to choose whether or not to purchase over the counter Plan B “morning after” pills. Following Judge Korman’s decision, President Obama announced this week that he was personally “very comfortable with” the decision of his Administration to establish Read more [...]

A People’s Shame, A Nation’s Scourge: 3801 Lancaster

As the trial for Dr. Kermit Gosnell progresses and Americans find out more and more about what occurred at 3801 Lancaster, the address of Gosnell’s murderous operation, our nation is gripped by the reality that hundreds of innocent lives were snuffed out by this evil man. Just what was the motivation for these deaths:  Profit and greed. And what was the reason for these deaths:  A people who have lost their compassion for the “least of these” and a nation which has banished morality Read more [...]

Life, Liberty, And…

This blog, “Life, Liberty and…” is dedicated to the principles and values upon which our great nation was founded. While our Founding Fathers espoused these principles and values, their origin can be traced to ancient documents and ultimately to the Holy Scriptures. Without the values that flow from the Judeo-Christian value systems, it is unlikely that our nation would have ever birthed, much less survived the myriad of threats to which it has been subjected. While many of these values Read more [...]