America’s Best Days: A Hopeful Optimism

It is widely acknowledged by many Americans, regardless of ideological bent, or religious affiliation, that our nation is in deep trouble.  While America has encountered significant challenges over its 240 year history, never before has it faced so many self-inflicted wounds that pose such serious if not lethal threats to our nation.  I do not underestimate the monumental perils our nation faced during our civil war or even World War II.   But the threats of today are different, and perhaps Read more [...]

River City Company: Commissioner Graham NOT Independent

In a stunning admission from River City Company (“RCC”), it has acknowledged that County Commissioner Joe Graham is not “independent” as he serves on the River City Company Board and also sits as a County Commissioner in evaluating projects that RCC brings to the Commission to approve.  In layman's terms, County Commissioner Joe Graham, City Councilman Chip Henderson, County Mayor Jim Coppinger and City Mayor Andy Berke, are subject to a “conflict of interest” as they sit on the Read more [...]

PILOT’s – the Reason for Your Coming Tax Increase

Is it fair that common everyday taxpayers in Chattanooga & Hamilton County must pay 100% of their property taxes, including individuals who are finding it difficult to make it on fixed incomes as well as small struggling businesses, while wealthy, well connected businessmen get hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in tax breaks that go straight into their back pockets! The Chattanooga City Council and Hamilton County Commission just gave away a 14 year $1 Million tax Read more [...]