America’s Best Days: A Hopeful Optimism

American Flag with Storm CloudsIt is widely acknowledged by many Americans, regardless of ideological bent, or religious affiliation, that our nation is in deep trouble.  While America has encountered significant challenges over its 240 year history, never before has it faced so many self-inflicted wounds that pose such serious if not lethal threats to our nation. 

I do not underestimate the monumental perils our nation faced during our civil war or even World War II.   But the threats of today are different, and perhaps more sinister, given the fact that they are being discounted, ignored and even exacerbated by a large majority of our political leaders, from both parties.

When a man is facing a life-threatening wound, there is an urgency by doctors to use every resource to save his fleeting life.  However, if a young person is living life on the edge, ignoring the life-threatening activities in which he is engaged, he may not feel the urgency to change his behavior or reform his lifestyle.  Sadly, he often believes he is invulnerable to the consequences of his dangerous activities.

Our nation today is like the short-sighted young person above.  Many of our political leaders act as if we can remain on the path we are on because we are the greatest, the mightiest, the indestructible.  After all, we are the United States of America! 

What recklessness, arrogance, and naiveté.

While our government exhibits this attitude, I believe much of the populace understands that our nation is facing a serious, existential threat to its survival.  The nation that rose to enjoy the status of the world’s sole superpower and has historically led in so many indicators, is today in a state of rapid decline.  You and I know this.  But the Washington “emperors” strutting around with no clothes on look at the People with utter disdain and oftentimes contempt for our assertion of the obvious.

The list of self-inflicted threats are too numerous to account for but they include a soaring national debt, a bankrupt monetary policy contributing to a teetering economy, a behemoth welfare state, a foreign policy coddling our enemies and abandoning our allies, crony capitalism totaling into the hundreds of billions of dollars, and a growing rejection of our Judeo/Christian values.  These threats, and many more, are like a virus that is continuously attacking and weakening a body to the point that at some point the victim will no longer survive.

So, is there any reason for hope?  Is there a basis for optimism?

Over the last few years I have doubted that our nation’s course could be reversed in time to avoid a catastrophic collapse.  Further, I questioned whether we could see America restored to its former position of strength and prominence as the leader of good in our world.  Such doubt has been based on years of witnessing a “Washington cartel” that sought only their own interests, like a parent who recklessly squanders his children’s inheritance for a few moments of pleasure.

Ted Cruz ConservativeBut my doubt diminished this week when I met a man who expressed his own personal “hope and optimism” for our nation.  That man is Senator Ted Cruz.

Senator Cruz’ passionate and unapologetic stand for truth, in an era when deception, lies and political correctness abound, is not simply a campaign strategy or well crafted words. 

As I have followed Senator Ted Cruz for several years now, I have seen a passionate and principled leader who has consistently and unashamedly honored and followed our founding document and principles.  His courageous positions, often in contradiction to his own party’s leaders, reveals a man who is willing to stand alone on truthful principles rather than buckle to political expediency. 

Consider this.  The words or talk of a man today must be measured against the walk of that man yesterday.  When that talk and walk align you can confidently trust such a man and from that trust accurately predict that man’s future actions.  Conversely, we can also conclude that if a man’s talk and walk don’t align, then that man’s words are bogus, cheap and ultimately meaningless.

Our nation’s founding principles, imbued with Judeo/Christian values, are the greatest reason for the exceptional success our nation enjoyed over its first couple of centuries.  It’s no surprise then that as we have abandoned or compromised those principles that we have seen our dramatic decline.  

So it only stands to reason that to regain that once cherished status we must restore and re-embrace those same founding principles and honor our Constitution, perhaps one of the greatest documents ever authored by mortal man.

As Senator Cruz’ campaign for the Presidency continues to gain momentum, his theme of hopeful optimism is not based on our present condition, but rather it is based on an understanding that truth works, and it works consistently. 

If we will restore our nation to the principles upon which it was founded then we can have hope and an optimistic view that America’s best days are ahead.  But it will require us to reject the lies and deceit of today and embrace the truth and principles of our Founders. Ronald-Reagan-flag If we do, we can and will reignite the flame of that city on a hill.  If not, the night to which we are descending will be one of “a thousand years of darkness.”

So 2016 is our “rendezvous with destiny” to quote Ronald Reagan.  Will we “preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth?”

The answer lies within you.  How will you respond? For me, I intend to pray and seeks God’s face, step forward, and do “all that can be done.”

I trust you will join me and visit to find out how to engage in restoring America.  

(Quotes from Ronald Reagan, A Time for Choosing, 1964)