Faux Republicans: “Let’s Raise Taxes!”

taxesThere was a time when the Republican brand could tout that it was the party of low taxes.  That day has come and gone though, at least as it relates to Tennessee’s senior Republican Senator, Lamar Alexander, as evidenced by his most recent support for the so called Market Fairness Act.

Consider this.

If the Market Fairness Act becomes the law of the land, the cost of items you purchase online from businesses out of state will increase significantly.  So, while your own personal budget is likely tightening, Senator Alexander, a faux “low-tax” Republican, is paving the way for your taxes to go up.  Yes, your read that right.  If the Market Fairness Act is passed, the cost of online products will increase precisely because Senator Alexander and other Republican Senators (including Senator Bob Corker) are endorsing a law that will increase taxes if passed.

In addition to the direct taxes that will be foisted upon consumers, those businesses whose primary marketplace is through the internet, will be faced with additional compliance costs stemming from the need to collect taxes for potentially dozens of municipalities across the nation.  And you can be sure that if those businesses can even survive this new demand on them, any costs associated with this new law will be borne by you, the consumer.

David Addington, the Vice President of Research at The Heritage Foundation has provided some excellent analysis of the reasons why any professing supporter of Free Market principles and Low Taxes should reject the Marketplace Fairness Act.  To quote Mr. Addington, “To support a stronger national economy, Congress should reject economic protectionism for local businesses, reject state government bloat, and reject S. 1832.”  You can read the detail of his analysis here:


So what can YOU do?  Contact your Senator and let them know that you support the Free Market principles espoused by our Founding Fathers and request that they reject this latest tax grabbing tactic by states from your pocketbook.  If you live in Tennessee, click on the Senator’s name below to email him and/or call his office at the number listed.  For any other states, click on the provided link to find your Senator.

Senator Lamar Alexander, 202-224-4944
Senator Bob Corker, 202-224-3344

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